IT company  has been working in Uzbekistan since 2001.

We have extensive experience, professional competencies and a good reputation for 20+ years in the market.

We are part of a group of companies where all competencies for working with startups are closed: organizing startup acceleration and mentoring programs, engaging young people and girls in STEM, developing our own IT solutions for startups, having expertise on climate change, “green” startups, renewable energy and sustainable development. provides a wide range of services – from the development of websites and mobile applications to Internet promotion, IT audit of projects and development of IT startups.

About us

A range of services and expertise in IT, startups, digital and green technologies

IT-company is registered as INFO XIZMATI, LLC.

Our timeline: 

  • 2001: company opening, website and database development;
  • 2005-2020: company-owned media: site on marketing and advertising, job search, website for car owners, dating site, media for girls and women, site on construction and interior/exterior design, sports site, medical site;
  • 2015: opening training courses for IT specialists (on web and mobile programming), Ginza IT Course;
  • 2015: two new subdivisions: Social Media Marketing and mobile apps development;
  • 2015: new subdivision on working with startups (Startup Mix conference, StartupFactory accelerator);
  • 2016: Digital Marketing subdivision (search engine optimization, targeted advertising, email marketing and other Internet promotion services);
  • 2016:  new subdivision working with “green” technologies and cleantech (Green Business Platform conference, Green Business Innovation company);
  • 2017: we became residents of MUIC (Mirzo-Ulugbek Innovation Center), currently – IT Park (Technological Park of Information Technologies), for companies engaged in software development services, data processing, IT consulting. provides a wide range of services — from the websites and mobile apps development to Internet promotion, IT audit of projects, development of IT startups. We develop IT projects for companies from different spheres, operating both in Uzbekistan and abroad.


We are developing the market, organize specialized conferences, serve as speakers on workshops and always ready to share our experience and best practices.


We have a great team, about 20 employees (designers, animators, developers, QA engineers, account managers, digital marketing specialists, journalists, copywriters).


Contacts: Alisher Yusupov, company director, +99890 3192351